Grow your own tea (Camellia Sinensis Sinensis)! This pack of 10 cuttings has begun root development. It comes in a sealed bundle with growing instructions.

Tea is a slow-growing plant that takes time. It is a hardy plant when mature, but be aware that the young tips can be damaged by frost or animals. 

Pick the young tips for your tea - brew fresh or crush and dry in your oven.


Cuttings are only available to pre-order for winter delivery. Order by June 20!

Please purchase cuttings in a separate order to other products to allow for additional delivery costs.

Tea Cuttings (10 pack)

  • Order by June 20 for winter delivery (end of July).

    If you miss the June 20 deadline, delivery will be in July of the next year.

  • Tea cuttings are only available to purchase within Australia (not WA). Some Australian regions have biosecurity restictions that prevent us from sending cuttings - please check with your state/territory authorities before ordering and be aware that additional fees may apply.